William L. Adler & Associates Ltd.

Condo Kitchen


This delightful kitchen project is the ultimate proof that an investment in good planning and design, results in dividends beyond one’s expectations.

The existing 10m2 space had a 28 year old kitchen which was showing its age. It had tired finishes, ancient appliances and was a totally non-functional work space. The dearth of electrical outlets, dark corners and minimal pantry storage were also part of the problem. Literally one was crawling on hands-and-knees to access the majority of the under countertop storage.

The design process began with client discussions and a “Homework” assignment for the client. We were able to put in place a highly functional “U” shaped format that allowed for continuous countertops. Included are two lower corner cabinets with full pull-out storage capabilities. Now, everything below the work top is visible and reachable from a standing position. The range was relocated, and the deep bulkhead above all of the upper cabinetry was replaced with full height storage units that have produced an uncluttered appearance and 30% additional storage throughout.

Condo Kitchen counter fridge, Toronto Designer
Condo Kitchen table and counter

The surface finishes are all top of the line. The Ceasarstone countertops set the tone for quality & serviceability. The Tokujin Yoshioka designed backsplash tile has a handmade look and combines small elements to create visual depth & width. The porcelain stoneware floor tiles resemble finely honed Calacatta Oro marble but without and of the maintenance issues.

The services supplied by WILLIAM L. ADLER & ASSOCIATES LTD. to fully develop this project included:

  • Lengthy discussions with the client to ascertain the project goals and parameters
  • Concept development and the preparation of all documents for construction tendering
  • Detailed specifications and selection of all finishes, cabinetry and lighting
  • Site supervision as required, co-ordination with the General Contractor, the Building Management Office and all Sub Trades